Your Digital Data Is Important.

Secure it

with bitherit

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Bitherit can be used to create Digital Inheritance systems.

Quantum Resistant

Bitherit's multi-layer encryption stack utilises quantum resistant cryptography.

Attack Resistant

Bitherit storage is highly secure against both digital and physical attacks.


Secure and forget, no dead man's switch or smart contract needed.


The encrypted data can be deleted at anytime.


None of your personal information needs to be shared with bitherit.

How it works

  1. Download bitherit

    To ensure your data’s safety, the bitherit desktop application is open source. You can view the code and download it here.

  2. Input Data To Be Saved

    Username, passwords, private keys, seed words, receipts, messages…. If the data can be written in text, bitherit can secure it.

  3. Specify Beneficaries

    To tweak bitherit’s encryption stack to your needs, the application will need to know how many beneficiaries you want involved in the decryption process.

    Each of these beneficiaries will receive a piece of the decryption process which they can combine with yours, after you are gone, to decrypt your data.

    If you do not have any specific beneficiaries, or just want a personal data storage method for yourself, you can simply choose 0 beneficiaries.

  4. Encryption Process

    The data now goes through bitherit’s custom encryption process, fine-tuned to your previous beneficiary specifications. For technical details on bitherit’s encryption stack click here.

  5. Recieve Your Encrypted Data

    Your data has just been nullified, it technically doesn't exist anymore, but it will exist again when all the pieces of the decryption process are put back together.

    The pieces of the decryption process will be returned and the bitherit application will inform the data owner as to how the information should be stored based on their previous beneficary specifications.

  6. Optional: Backup Decrytion Pieces With bitherit Cloud

    Add full data redundancy for all your benefecaries by using bitherits cloud + blockchain backup.





Create your own custom data storage and inheritance systems with the bitherit desktop application.

Data Storage

Inheritance System

Cloud-based Data Redundancy


bitherit cloud

Make 100% sure your data is never lost with bitherit's backup cloud + blockchain combination.

Data Storage

Inheritance System

Cloud-based Data Redundancy